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Mixed Media

Metal & Stone


I am a silversmith who works with precious metals, copper, bronze, and brass.  I create mixed media pieces by incorporating stones, fabric and wood and other found objects. I am an instructor at the Kingston Lapidary & Mineral Club located at the Tett Centre here in Kingston Ontario.


I have branded my own line of Adornametals Jewellery by  created my own packaging and graphic design elements.  

I do a lot of my own lapidary work, cutting and forming stones, and create many of my jewelry components

from hand, customizing each piece to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. 

by Design


Ceramic Pear

Mixed Media - Ceramic & Copper

Fold Form Copper Leaf

Mixed Media - Ceramic & Copper

Ceramic pears created using speckle clay and glaze combination with overlap.  Copper leaves were fold formed using      a forge while I was taking  a blacksmithing course.

Iridescent raku vase

Raku piece, with plans to create a bronze ornamental stopper.

Yunomi Pot
Yunomi Pot

Ceramic Pot - Tenmoku glaze with miniature copper yunomi & plate

Dark clay lidded pot was created with a miniature copper tea bowl known as a Yunomi.  It sits atop a copper plate that is part of the ceramic lid.

I have created a series of lidded pots that I call Pot Pots, the lids are pots that sport their own lids. This one has a copper lid with a turquoise set in the leaf knob.

Pottery double pot with  copper lid
Ceramic Pots & Bowls

Series of dark clay pots

Enso inspired pot with lid was created using dark clay and a tenmoku glaze.  The lapidary work was also created by me from a piece of slab stone.

Pottery double pot with  copper lids opened
Pottery double pot with  copper lid open
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